Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guiding for a Greater Good


Great news! We are very excited to announce that Reel Fly Adventurez will be donating 7% of annual revenue to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Jon Huntsman is the founder of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and though I have never met him myself, he is a remarkable human being. Because of him, thousands of lives have been changed. On an interview I watched, Jon Huntsman said that his cancer institute will accept anyone, with or without medical insurance. As we all know, when a sudden disease bombards a family, financial distress is the last thing that family needs. Mr. Huntsman has been, indeed, dedicated to this cause. Not only has he made the hospital a comforting place ( each patient room has an extra beds and couches for family + twenty-four hour fresh food service), but he has also contributed an enormous amount of new information to cancer research, the way patients are diagnosed and how they are treated. We encourage anyone with a little extra time to check out what this place is all about at (you'll be amazed):

Amazing people like Mr. Jon Huntsman truly make this world a much better place. So, we are extremely proud to contribute to his generosity while fighting cancer by "guiding for a greater good."

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Thursday, February 11, 2010