Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Rainbow trout fishing is picking up in the Mat-Su valley as the smolt start their outgoing migration to the ocean. Although at night the temperature is still getting into the 30's and water temperature being pretty low the trout are starting to liven up. Trying throwing smolt, nymphs, or flesh patterns this time of year for the best luck!

KING SALMON ARE IN!!! People started catching Kings at the mouth of the Deshka River on May 14 and continue on and off. 3 were reported on the 14th, 5 on the 15th, and we were guiding on the river today and and managed to land one and missed one other, also saw 4 others caught with many other hook ups! We have joined up with iFish Alaska for the salmon charters this year as Wade will be helping Pat out by running one of his river boats. If you want to go salmon fishing you can go to and you know were to go for the rainbow charters... or call 907-373-3545