Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Catch....untill next season.

I had a great last day on the river with one of my former college professors Larry Ross who is actually a Gloomis and Ross Reels pro staffer. The fishing was a bit slow with numerous hook ups but nothing to the net until Larry hooked into this beauty. It was in a bit of a technical spot but Larry played it very well. I do have to say one thing that I have never been fishing with someone who was that excited to catch a fish. It was not that it was some world record or his first fish ever, or any instance like that but more so he just appreciates, respects, and purely enjoys fly fishing and what it has to offer. I was so happy to see that excitement and passion because not only is it rare to see but I share that same excitement and passion and am not afraid to show it. So many people just get caught up in wanting to catch fish and they think thats all that its about. I feel bad for those people. I often say that fishing is always good but the catching is sometimes not.

Gloomis and Ross Reels pro staffer Larry Ross and Jake with beautiful Valley Rainbow

I am now headed down to Greeley, Colorado for the winter for school. Wade will be around for a while to keep guiding but will also be leaving towards the end of September. I will still be posting fishing reports for the Valley and then posting pics from Colorado. Once again it was a great summer with some great fish and I look forward to next season. Tight lines!!