Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fishing picking up!

The waters have finally came back down from the rain we have had the last couple of weeks. More Kings have moved up and are starting to spawn and there are also silvers, chums, and pinks are up in the rivers as well. The bead bite has started to pick up and should be getting better from here on. Tight Lines!

Ian from New Zealand

Monday, July 12, 2010

Guides Day Off!

As a trout guide in south central Alaska I have more days off than normal because the real attraction are the salmon. So it is always a treat when I get to fish with my good friend Colton Conner, Head Guide at Deshka Landing Lodge. He is one of the busiest salmon guides in the area and does not have much time to fish himself, which is a common problem in the guiding world. But on this special day the stars aligned and we were able to get out and target trout all day. It was a very hot and sunny day which sometimes can not be very conducive to fishing but it didn't matter today. Armed with our TFO 5 wt. switch rods we headed out. Long story short we will let the pics do the talking. Enjoy!!

Jake Williams of Reel Fly Adventurez (left)
Colton Conner of Deshka Landing Lodge(right)

Guides guiding Guides

Reel Fly

The smile says it all!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Water Wolf

When the rainbow fishing is slow sometimes you have to venture out and target something else. I cant believe after living here all my life I have not targeted Pike on the fly. With the help and knowledge of my good friend Deroy and the use of his trusty wooden canoe my girlfriend and I teamed up with Deroy for our first Pike adventure. It was nothing less that amazing, and chaotic at times. Stripping poppers across the top of the water and watching a wake headed right for your fly from 15 feet away is exhilarating! Of course there where some pre-mature hook setting at first but we soon were putting the hurt to some fish. Tight Lines!