Friday, September 17, 2010

Valley Trout Set-Up

Here is a look at our Valley Trout set-up.

-TFO 5wt. Switch Rod

-Loop Evotec LW 6/8 Reel

-325 grain Skagit Short head by Rio attached to Airflo's Ridgeline running line (20 lb.)
with Airflo polyleaders

This has been a perfect set up for fishing Valley Rainbows. Here are some benefits of this set up:

-Better line control (mending long distance and high sticking) with 11 feet of rod.
-The ability to spey cast when needed. (Favorite use)
-Sensitive enough to feel the little guys but strong enough to handle the occasional Silver Salmon.
-Better control when swinging flies. (Another favorite use)

Great spey casting rod!

Make sure the reel balances out with the rod.

Deroy Brandt (left), Colton Conner (middle), Jake Williams (right)

Deroy Brandt: " Our members, here in the Valley Swingers Club, have meat (its big, hairy and needs a wide gap). That meat requires a big stick and two hands so our meat can swing through each hole effectively. That is why our members choose TFO Switch Rods to dig deep and do work."

Colton Conner: " Versatility. You can throw a size 20 parachute adams and a freak nasty dalai lama using correct style and line weights. Also can be used in thick brush to wide open long bomb domination."

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