Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anadromous Autumn

Story and Pictures By Deroy Brandt.

Everything that has been written or said is true about the pursuit of Steelhead in the Fall. The long hours spent traveling, casting and waiting. The unpredictable water conditions and the guaranteed inclement weather. Add in the fact that the fish may not be willing or even there. These factors are the reason why the word obsession, is always used in our Epic Poem.

What sets this stanza apart in the poem is that Steelhead were caught. Not without some disappointment along the way though. We overcame some diffilculties and anger to reap the rewards of the water. Alyssa and Colton learned that the couple that Steelheads together, stays together. I learned that being the Third Wheel is not always bad. Especially when you are bringing some Cold, Hard Steel to humble hands.

Colton "Chrome" Conner

Colton and Alyssa

Deroy Brandt

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